Our Services

“The Man who stops Advertising to save money is the man who stops the clock to save time ” 



Planet Scribbles offers 360 degrees  of services in marketing and communications  which cater to kids and families.  Customer-centric marketing strategies are vital to capturing competitive advantage and sustaining business success. Our Services explores the core concepts and tools of contemporary strategic marketing management—from market segmentation and product positioning to consumer needs and buying behavior to digital and social media marketing.

Children are a difficult demographic to market to, largely because public opinion and major media so often focus on advertising and marketing’s negative effects on children.

The solution, then, is not to stop marketing if your brand appeals to children, but rather to discover ways to market and monetize to kids ethically.

To make our marketing and communications interesting and to make it reach to its  said demographics we follow below strategies :-  a. Communicating with parents  b. Encouraging  kids to advocate the brand c. Producing original content.

Our Team has a  deep knowledge of a behaviors across gender, age and nationality . They create responsible marketing strategies which are though cost effective but at the same time extremely innovative. We have a strong global network in case we are short of resources  which is very rare and also a strong  regional reach where we multiple our network so that brand is well enhanced.