Market Research

Kids_Interview_Image_New11Marketing Research with Children

Getting to the point the biggest challenge with kids is HOW do you keep and maintain their attention to make it a good experience for everyone. Research design based on their cognitive ability that can engage them is key. We have learned that using games, drawing, sorts, emoticons and other interactive web tools can be helpful.

Research Guidelines for Working with Kids : We have guidelines internally that we follow. We always obtain parental permission for anyone 13 or younger.  Even those who are between the ages of 13 and 18 we encourage them to let their parents know they are participating and to provide our contact details.


We share our phone number / address and let parents know they can call us to find out we are a legitimate business and Keeping our Privacy Policy updated on our website.  We only collect name and address so that we can pay our participants for their time if it is a project which involves compensation. When we report research results we only report by the total aggregate results. Children are not identified individually and we do not mention any names when we produce the final report.


Once the legal and ethical considerations are satisfied, we design the research with cognitive ability in mind, then we decide how to make it engaging for the participants and get the information we are looking for to inform the decisions for a new product, an ad, or a new concept.

 In closing, conducting research with kids takes more care and planning than projects with adults. Our Research is thru various languages primary being Engish and Arabic speaking nationalities in GCC and Asian Region

Marketing Research with Parents

Planet Scribbles has a wealth of experience conducting market research with parents, through our parents, kids and teens – International Parenting Group

The Group is comprised of 300 parents of children aged 8 to 18 – various nationalities and speak multiple languages, who are on hand to carry out a range of tasks, for example: consumer feedback, mini-polls and surveys, amongst a variety of others.The community are also available to give opinions, test hypotheses and answer questions.

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