Marketing & Communications


COMPANY :  Hyatt Plaza Shopping Mall



About the Brand : Jungle Zone  is an indoor theme park located in Hyatt Plaza Shopping mall in Doha – Qatar. Featuring unique rides and attraction, in a fun-filled ambience, Jungle zone theme park has always been a popular entertainment destination for families in Qatar since 2003.

Work Project : Marketing & Concept Development

The park need a complete renovation, bringing in dedicated play areas for children of different ages. Hence in a vibrantly designed play area, “The Nest” that has rides for children from 02- 05 years, while adventurous rides in “The valley” including the candy bouncers, splash falls and Funcano coasters will ensure a higher adrenaline rush for the older ones. Being a preferred destination in town to host parties and family get-togethers, Jungle zone also contains the ever beautiful party rooms – Tropical, Amazon and Rain forest. The spacious party rooms with multiple emergency exits have a fun-filled and thrilling ambience.



Marketing Strategies, Social Media Mascot Characterization , Theme Design Park Development

in association with Internal and External Team in order to relaunch the Park. Various Events from concept to execution were organized for the brand. Events held summer carnival and Winter Fest. Aiming to increase revenue, marketing strategy and Walk in promotion was created

Click on  Image for Bigger view

The Complete concept design and revamp theme done along with consultants – concept I and Jungle Zone internal team

Click on  Image for Bigger view
Click on  Image for Bigger view

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